Copper artisan has been a tradition for centuries in this part of the world, originating from the south-eastern region of Anatolia. The founders of STAR Metal fctory stem from one of the reputable families of this area. In fact, their very surname “BAKIR” certified as family name after the founding of the republic means copper.

Giving life to this valuable metal since six generations the Bakırs in the last decade became one of the leading copper utensils and decorative article producers worldwide.

STAR continues the traditional workmanship and the classical patterns together with the latest production facilities. As well due to the latest trend in the sector, stainless Steel have been re-explored in STAR’s skillful hands. By merging the ages of experience in crafting artisan handmade production skills and technology, STAR provides high quality value adding living products making our lives better.

Being the leading producer and exporter in its line in Turkey, STAR exports their total production to a growing number of customers in five continents. Attending all the leading trade fairs of related lines of house – hold articles, florist items, gifts, recycling containers, waste bins for in and outdoor usage and decoration, STAR Metal has gained a well-deserved reputation as a “Master Of Metals”. Due to customer needs STAR Metal, produces copper, stainless steel, regular steel, zinc, bras and galvanized items in various finished including electrostatic powder coating in standard sizes and as well in bespoke customer determinded forms and specs.

STAR will be more than glad to add your name to their list of distinguished customers

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