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Ortaköy is on one of the best views the Bosphorus.

Enjoy the views along with cafe, kumpir, food and shopping.

Ortakoy has 5 floors of 5 different tastes!

Each floor of Ortakoy is uniquely directed.  Enjoy Esma Sultan Mansion, Bosphorus Bridge, Mecidiye Mosque and Seraglio ‘s with an amazing view of the sea.

Stop in for brunch.

Brunch and coffee are served for as long as we are open. If you are looking for a place where you are welcome with open arms to join friends, spend time alone, organize business dinners, small seminars, meetings, or parties.

Be sure to stop by and see us today!



It is a pleasure to enjoy brunch at all hours of the day in our coffee, including at night. If you do not yet have a place where you are a regular in Ortaköy and you are looking for a place where you will have friends of Ortakoy Kahvesi and you can spend time alone and organize business dinners, small seminars, meetings, parties and organizations when you need it, Kahvemiz will be waiting for you. In our coffee, which consists of five separate independent groups, you need to make a phone call for all kinds of meetings and organizations.




The best meal of the day is breakfast, which is among the meals that should not be missed. We are waiting for breakfast so you can take care of it for the weekend.


Unrivaled in its rich and varied snacks, Kahvemiz claims to transform your evening meals into a full feast.

Main Courses

Ortakoy Kahvesi, with a gul-faced, attentive and service-oriented approach to guest satisfaction, reflects the assertive interpretations of the Traditional Turkish Cuisine, offering unique examples of the World Cuisine with special cooking techniques and sauces to all our guests.


Our cafeteria, which cares about bringing the pleasure of a salad to a new spot, addresses our taste buds who transformed the salad casks into a colorful and fun festive spot, accompanied by green lettuces, orange carrots, red tomatoes, yellow corn and green cucumbers.


In Ortaköy Coffee, besides the dairy desserts, you are also attracting attention with the pastry options prepared for your pleasure layer after dinner. You can find popular flavors such as cheesecake varieties, tiramisu, brownie.

Cold & Hot Drinks

Against the exquisite view of the Bosphorus from Ortakoy, coffee and tea are included, as well as the taste of other beverages.


Ortakoy Kahvesi, which is frequently preferred by the customers for pleasant moments accompanied by the view of the Bosphorus, provides you with the opportunity to play backgammon from the other side while enjoying narghile with rich narghile varieties!